About Me

Laura Smith has always enjoyed how the subject of science encourages us to think beyond our social media accounts. She graduated with her undergraduate degree in Earth Science Education and received her Masters in Education with an emphasis on Science Curriculum. Each year Laura continues to learn and grow through Professional Development in education. One of her most prominent platforms in education is engaging students through critical thinking strategies and skills. This is often something that is dropped or lost in the plethora of state tests and student skill assessments that our teachers are required to prepare students for each year. Laura has almost 10 years of experience teaching science at the k-5th grade level as a science lab specialist, 6-8th grade as a science instructor, and at the university level teaching college students why it is so important to really understand how science works through fundamental science courses.

The purpose of this website is to collect all the wonderful ideas, visuals, and science education strategies that WORK in one location!